For Law Firms, Insurance Companies, First Responders, Health Care, Private Investigators, Government, and Appropriate Public Groups

Review of any medicolegal death investigation completed by an ME/C Office, to include a subsequent independent medicolegal investigation if the review dictates one should be performed

Independent medicolegal death investigation of any death not investigated by an ME/C Office

Death certificate review

Expert witness services pertaining to injury causation and death investigation practices

For law enforcement agencies only, death notification to next-of-kin; obtaining decedent’s antemortem, social, and medical history information; and provision of a written report of notification and obtained information to applicable ME/C Office and law enforcement agency

Medicolegal death investigation training programs and speaking engagements on numerous medicolegal death investigation topics to include, but not limited to:

Basic medicolegal death investigations

Equivocal death investigations

Overview of ME/C Office roles/responsibilities

Interaction with an ME/C Office